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Sam King: Artist-in-Residence


Susan Deborah (Sam) King, M.Div., will be an artist-in-residence at United during the 2013-14 academic year, leading four events which are open to the public.

King is the author of five full-length collections of poetry: Tabernacle: Poems of an Island, Coven, One-Breasted Woman, Bog Orchids and Dropping into the Flower. Formerly a Presbyterian minister and therapist, King teaches creative writing and leads retreats on creativity and spirituality in the Twin Cities and in Maine, where she spends her summers. She also engages in private consultations using the process she devised called “Divinations.”




Nurture from Nature

Date: Tuesday, May 6
Times: 9:30 AM-3:30 PM

Location: Strobel Room (McMillan 209)

Description: Many of us lead hectic, stressful lives. For the time we are together, we will allow ourselves, by focusing on the earth and how our senses perceive it, to slow down and appreciate simply being.

In this workshop, we will explore the healing effects of interacting with the natural world, paying particular attention to what is happening the day we meet: the weather, the state of emerging plant growth, the quality of light, etc. We’ll muse on how what is happening in the outer world corresponds to movements in our lives. We’ll recall particular instances when the presence of nature had an impact on us. We’ll read poems and try our hand at some of our own, especially haiku.

Cost: $55*
Students: $20*
*Scholarships available for prospective students - contact Renee Flesner, 651.255.6138.

Registration: Register online or contact Renee K. Flesner, 651.255.6138.

* * *

Writing from Dreams

Dates: Tuesdays, February 4, 11, 18, 25
Times: 1:30-4:00 PM

Location: Strobel Room (McMillan 209)

Description: For the ancients and many so-called primitive peoples, dreams were a spiritual resource to be turned to for guidance, illumination and enrichment of individual and communal daily life, a resource often given little credence in the modern world.

In this four-session workshop, by recording our dreams, interacting with readings by those who have used dreams as the kernel of creative work, and engaging several methods of working with dreams, we will create writings with more energy and vibrancy than our conscious minds might have designed.

Cost: $70
Students: $35

Registration: Closed

* * *

Divinations: A Discernment Process

Date: Monday, October 28
Times: 9:00 AM-3:30 PM

Location: Strobel Room (McMillan 209)

Description: Are you at a crossroads? Having trouble making a critical decision? Wondering which path to take and what might be your truest purpose? What is the burning question your life is posing to you right now?

In this session, by interacting with existing works and engaging in the making of our own poetry and art, through processes designed by King, you will be able to tap more deeply your own inner wisdom and set your resolve toward the living out of your dreams.

Cost: $55*
Students: $20*
*Costs include lunch. Scholarships available for prospective students - contact Renee Flesner, 651.255.6138.

Registration: Closed.

* * *

Chapel Service and Luncheon Book Discussion

Date: Thursday, November 7
Time: 11:35 AM

Location: Bigelow Chapel

Description: The chapel program will be built around Dropping into the Flower, King’s fifth collection of poems. Dropping into the Flower addresses many themes: grief, conflict, love, political issues, spiritual growth, and preservation of the natural world with the uniting element that all poems concern flowers or have a flower appearing somewhere in the body of the poem. The overarching question, no matter the subject, is “What is the way of flowers (their beauty, their fragility and transience, etc.)?” And what, if we study flowers, can we learn from them about how to move through some of the difficult passages of our lives?

Luncheon and book discussion with King to follow. Bring your own lunch, or purchase lunch in the Context Café.

Cost: No charge

Registration: None required.

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